Monday, June 20, 2016

Here's a Jo Cox consipracy theory for you

Stupid me, I needed a larf, so I looked at Zerohedge this morning.

In response to KGB-funded neo-Nazi Martin Armstrong, I submit this alternative conspiracy theory:

Maybe the leave side is part of a secret conspiracy to sow unrest in Europe, funded by Putin. Maybe the conspiracy includes fomenting racist neo-Nazi sentiment, the way the Russians have explicitly done in Germany with AfD, whose leadership takes orders directly from Moscow.

Maybe the leave side is secretly conspiring with Moscow to weaken the UK by driving them out of the EU, in an attempt to set the European nations against each other, per good old-fashioned Russky zero-sum realist politics.

Maybe you're not the great glorious British Empire, but rather just a bunch of dumb fucking greedy clowns who still want to feel Thatcher's dick up your asses.

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