Sunday, May 29, 2016

The good news and the bad news

As a positive, Bespoke says that whenever stock market sentiment has been this low, there have been outsized gains for the following year.

That's the good news.

Then there's this:

BBC - Trump has caught up to Clinton. Ha ha, Clinton's fucked, and so is the USA.

BBC - ex Nevada governor Johnson to run as Libertopian candidate. Hey, maybe he can siphon away some Republican votes, then?

BBC - UK will vote for Brexit, and then the Conservatives will implode, handing power to UKIP. Well, I've always wanted to see V for Vendetta become a documentary. And here's what fascists usually do to their country:

Bloomberg - typical for a Putin ally, Hungary's been handing central bank money to Orban cronies. I especially like this part:
“Checks and balances are a U.S. invention that for some reason of intellectual mediocrity Europe decided to adopt,” Orban told Bloomberg in 2014
So I guess Hungarians are fucking ass-stupid to have voted him in, then. OK, fine, we'll soon see the US and UK become as stupid as fucking Hungarians.

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