Sunday, May 22, 2016

Some weekend news


Calculated Risk - comments on existing home sales. Apparently OK.

New Deal Demoncrat - no, the yield curve is not flat. Um, did anyone think it was? Oh wait - okay, Alhambra thought it was, and whoever recommends you read shit from Alhambra is a fucking idiot.

Calculated Risk - LA port traffic declined in April. Dooooom!

FT Alphaville - funny how bitcoin turned out to be just another boring old valueless asset whose price depends entirely on who's left to take it off your hands, eh? In other words, how the hell are you supposed to have a digital "currency", goldbugs, when it's threatened by extreme counterparty risk? Turns out bitcoin is just another way to buy meth or smuggle money out of Guangdong.

der Spargel - Austria's goin' full Nazi again. Actually, it's not that big a deal, they've been ruled by fascists for decades. But it brings up a question: why is it that people who live in mountainous regions are generally right-wing hatemongers?

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