Tuesday, May 31, 2016

School update

Well, my actuarial math class is getting fun: now all of a sudden we're learning IRR, NPV, discounted payback period, and so on. Turns out all that "discounted present value of an annuity due" tedium was just basic background, and now we can build useful stuff on that.

This was the stuff I really wanted to learn in economics; but instead, economics class has been all about idiotic classical theory invented by 19th-century British armchair philosophers.

I might still continue on in econ: I want to see what the 3rd year international trade and finance classes are like. They're taught by a couple new young profs from overseas, so I'm hoping we get to learn sensible grown-up econ from them instead of more Classicalist stupidity.

But if I continue to be disappointed, I'll dump econ and get a degree in Actuarial instead. It'd mean a guaranteed $100K/yr Toronto job, and an Actuarial degree can also still get me into a decent graduate program in Economics.

Problem is, about the only grad school I'd want to go to is Berkeley.

Berkeley's got a Murderer's Row of econ faculty: Maurice Obstfeld, Barry Eichengreen, David Card, Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman, Romer & Romer, George Akerlof, Alan Auerbach, Hal Varian whose micro textbook is godly, and Brad DeLong whose website looks like crap.

I can just imagine some retard from Chicago pitching against that order. He wouldn't make it out of the inning.

Honestly, so far I've found no other faculty in the world that has so many top names. UC Berkeley is like an army of aliens, swooping through the field of economics to collect prize human specimens for some sort of economics human zoo.

UofT and McGill economics look like third-world dumps compared to Berkeley, and those are Canada's top schools. Fuck, I'd rather go to CUNY and be in the same building as Krugman once a year, rather than failing to learn anything pertinent in Toronto.

Problem is, grad school at Berkeley would cost me about $75k/yr CAD. That's just too damn much, even if I weren't on a TSA list due to all my past terrorist affiliations.

So I guess I'll never go to Berkeley.

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