Sunday, May 8, 2016

Bob Lefsetz on Trump

Lefsetz might be a grumpy antiquated dwarf, but he always bats 'em out of the park when the stands are full:

Bilbo Lefsetz - why Trump will win. Quotes aplenty:

Stop making fun of him!

If that worked, somebody else would be the nominee, he wouldn’t have increased his share of the electorate after the debacle in Wisconsin. The more the holier-than-thou say they know better, the more the downtrodden and alienated double-down.

And if you think continuing to label him a racist iconoclast works, you don’t realize that most of those voting for him don’t care what the man says, they just want to shake up the system, they believe in the man, not his outbursts.

This is indeed what the whole primary season has been about: shaking up the system. It's why anyone gave the slightest damn about Bernie Sanders beyond a few fruity commies.

There are only so many redneck yahoos out there. Trump wouldn’t have won the nomination if they were the only ones who cared.

Again, spot on, and it's only the hippie pinkoes who want to make the Trump campaign all about racism and authoritarianism.

Hillary is making the number one mistake of the popularity wars, she’s letting her haters define her. It’s hard to come out from under that. Furthermore, she’s playing nice and being all milk and cookies when we know she’s more cutthroat than the Donald and more experienced. It’s time not only for Hillary to take off the gloves, but to be mean. To zing. This is a heavyweight fight and you cannot win if you’re on the ropes and you don’t punch back.

Again, spot on. The US voters want someone who will drop the gloves; that's the only reason 90% of Sanders supporters gave a damn about him, and why the Sanders crowd are polluting blogs and message boards all over the internet trying to pick fights with Hillary supporters.

But instead, Clinton is going to try to act all professional and presidential, not understanding that the American people all now associate that with the plutocratic kleptocracy that she and her husband have been part of for thirty years.

What do we know about Hillary?

What the right wing wants us to know about her. The email server, Benghazi.

This. She can't even gain control of her own message. And therefore, she's already doomed.

Give people a reason to vote for Hillary as opposed to trying to scare them away from Trump. I mean how scary can the man be, he was in business with NBC, he was on television ad infinitum.

Again, this, and I dunno if it was Lefsetz or the Krugginator who brought it up, but: how the hell do you expect American mass media to bring Trump down to size when they've been building him up as a superstar for a decade?

The money shot is this: I mean how scary can the man be, he was in business with NBC.

Fact is, the last Republican primary was also full of clowns blathering on with their right-wing Jesus-freak authoritarian nonsense (remember "legitimate rape"?), and it yielded a candidate who was an odious scumbag who hated 47% of his own prospective constituents, if you remember:

And yet this hate-monger, who with the above video was obviously referring to black people and hispanics without understanding that the dependent 47% are actually Republican-voting toothless senior-citizen Jesus-freak medicare recipients, still got 47.2% in the 2012 election.

And this was a plutocrat killbot who was unsanitizeable. How much better will Trump do, with his media savvy?

Because Donald Trump will be sanitized. That is what happens to all Republican presidential candidates: they pontificate against minorities and reality all through the primary, then come the main tilt they get mainstreamed.

And by September nobody will remember the crazy shit Donald's said, except for the odd obsessive fucktard with a blog somewhere. Because nobody cares what was on the dessert menu 6 months ago, they only care about today.

If Hillary doesn't have at least a 10% lead on Trump today, she is toast. 

You all just better hope that she's not living in a thick enough Washington kleptocrat bubble that she refuses to recognize this til it's too late.

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