Saturday, April 23, 2016

Zerohedge no longer accepting $20s

WSJ RTE - US Treasury to replace slaveowner Andrew Jackson with escaped slave Harriet Tubman on $20 bill. Quote:

Tubman was born a slave around 1822 on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and became a leading abolitionist and suffragette.

Tubman had scars throughout her life from being whipped as a young child. As a child, she was forced to wade into icy water in the winter to set muskrat traps, causing frequent illnesses, according to Harriet Tubman scholar Kate Clifford Larson. During Jackson’s second term as president, she was nearly killed when an overseer threw an iron weight and struck her in the head.

And in direct comparison:

Jackson became a successful lawyer in Tennessee and purchased a 1,000-acre plantation. He bought more slaves throughout his career, and owned about 150 people by the time of his death in 1845.

Tubman escaped from slavery in 1849 but spent the next decade repeatedly returning to Maryland to help free her friends and family through the Underground Railroad, a network of people and places that helped slaves safely escape to the north. Ultimately, Tubman is believed to have personally saved about 70 other people from slavery during 13 rescue missions, according to Larson.

And you know they only kicked Jackson off the $20 for Tubman at the behest of that Kenyan muslim usurper, right?

I can just imagine Zerohedge has gone livid over this.

Oh wait, they have:

Zerohedge - US Treasury replaces America's greatest campaigner against the banksters with a nappy-head. The comments section is pure gold.

Zerohedge - not enough Nazi on our page today, let's ask Pat Buchanan for his opinion. Answer: affirmative action!

Of course, we shouldn't be surprised that a Bulgarian son of a Soviet client state secret agent, taking money from Putin and the FSB to run anti-American propaganda on his website, is also a Nazi who hates black people.

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