Sunday, April 3, 2016

Some Sunday evening news

New Deal Demoncrat - weekly indicators. Apparently, they prove that the US industrial recession is ending.

New Deal Demoncrat - ISM new orders blowout. So I guess we can expect NDD to quit piddling his frilly pink panties, then?

Tim Duy the economics guy - Yellen pivots to dovish. He thinks she's finally swung over to the Krugman side and admitted that the risks for monetary policy are highly asymmetric to the downside. So I guess we can expect Tim Duy to quit piddling his frilly pink panties too, then?

Seriously, both the above people, who are normally realistically positive, were panty-piddling like crazy these past few months, so to see the two of them swing uncontrovertibly bullish tells me that there's nothing to worry about and you should just buy SPY and go away for 6 months.

Sad that they're not immune to the broader market's ignorant permadoomery.

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