Thursday, April 28, 2016

Some reading

So apparently Amazon and Facebook turned out fantastic results; in addition, it turns out Apple's drop was entirely because that limp dick Icahn decided to dump his stake in the misguided belief that he knows anything at all about China.

So maybe now Wall Street Whitey will quit selling the fucking Nasdaq like a panty-piddling two-year-old girl who just saw a bug, and get some fucking sense through his head.

Here's some news:

BBC - John Boehner calls Ted Cruz "Lucifer". As a Luciferian Satanist, I am quite offended.

der Spargel - German Nazis forge closer ties with Moscow. Those of us familiar with Zerohedge are not surprised by the continued Russian support for Nazis.

Reuters - Varoufakis calls Europe a cesspool of deflationary forces. Um, V-dog, cesspools don't contain forces. They contain feces. "A cesspool of deflationary feces" is more correct. Even better, just call them a pack of Nazi-worshipping right-wing lickspittles.

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