Thursday, April 7, 2016

Some news

Last day of classes! Now I have ten days to study for my macro and micro classes. That's a pretty good schedule.

Some news:

Tim Duy - Fed has little reason to raise rates. Seems people are interpreting the Fed minutes as indicating the Fed finally sees the risks associated with rate hikes as asymmetric. I guess that would be a positive for the markets, if not for Brexit and the Greek debt crisis.

Bespoke - S&P 500 remains extended. And I guess that's a bad setup if earnings season is coming and people expect yet more downward revisions to earnings.

NY Times - German economy now sucks. Well, seems the right-wing neocon heartland would be about to learn the hard way that the demand side of the world economy matters when you're an export addict. They would be, that is, if Germans weren't so damn pigheaded. Do those Eurozone ETFs still look good to you, Whitey?

NY Times - more Panama fun. Yadda yadda, trillions hidden in offshore wealth, yadda yadda someone's finally listening to Gabriel Zucman. This will change nothing until the elites are hunted down and eaten by an angry proletariat.

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