Thursday, April 7, 2016

GERMANS LECTURING OTHERS ON POPULISM: it's even more ironic than you think!

der Spargel - America's election shame. Oh god this is too easy:

America wasn't the world's first democracy, but for a long time, it was its proudest. No other country spoke as passionately or confidently about its system of government. If things continue as they have in this primary election, those days will be numbered.

The United States' political culture served as a model for others, one that was worthy of emulation and exported worldwide.

Plus also that whole entering the war to defeat Hitler thing. You remember that, Fritz? (We can ignore the whole entering the other war to defeat Kaiser Wilhelm bit because that's not as juicy.)

Just over two weeks ago supporters of presidential hopeful Ted Cruz published an old photo of Melania Trump, once a model and now the wife of Republican candidate Donald Trump, in which she posed naked for the camera. It was accompanied by the sardonic caption, "Meet Melania Trump. Your next first lady." In retaliation, Trump shared a collage of photos portraying Cruz's wife as rather unattractive and Trump's wife as quite good looking. The line preceding it read, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

Someone sounds jealous that nobody wants to look at naked pics of Schauble or Merkel.

In the meantime, Trump, who called Cruz a "fraud," a "maniac" and a "world class liar" during the campaign, had to jump in to defend his campaign manager, who was arrested for battery after being accused of violently pulling a reporter out of a crowd. Physical violence is not objectionable for Trump. He has offered to pay the legal costs of supporters who beat protesters at his rallies should the victims sue.

I wonder where he got that idea from. Maybe from some book written in the 1920s by an imprisoned European political dissident?

Trump had previously exclaimed during a TV debate, unprovoked, that he had a large penis ("I guarantee.")

Again: Schauble. That is all.

It's not just the two bullies at the top who are to blame. Their rise was made possible through a decline in values such as decency, honesty, tolerance and fairness -- a process that has been hastened by the Republican Party more than anyone else.

The Republican party was a bunch of assholes back in the 70s, when Nixon failed to win his own party's support for universal health care because it would have meant desegregating hospitals. Plus, y'know, the whole exterminating Vietnam thing.

They were assholes in the 50s with McCarthy.

Sorry bud, but the USA has always been this way. Trump just brings it all out into the open. I don't see why he should be appealing to the better angels of our nature, given nobody else in the Republican party gives a shit about them.

For too long, it has pursued fiscal, economic and social policies that served only companies and the rich, the financial backers of their election campaigns. At the same time, millions of Americans slid into precarity.

Sort of like Merkel and Schauble's policies in the EU, Fritz?

Over the course of decades, the Republicans have likewise built up a culture of contempt for public goods and services.

Sort of like Merkel and Schauble's policies in the EU, Fritz?

Attempts to block Trump's nomination at the Republican National Convention in July won't help either. Trump already has too many votes and his millions of voters would feel justifiably betrayed. Trump himself has already predicted "riots." The Republicans have no choice but to make fools of themselves with Trump as their candidate in the general election.

Well, assuming you're not just propounding hysterical polemic: that's a good thing, right? I mean, if Trump is going to make fools of the Republican party, then maybe they'll become sensible again sometime in the 2030s.

But as for criticizing American politics' populism, it's (a) ignorant of the entirety of past American political history, and (b) quite rich coming from the country that elected Hitler.

Note to non-Germans: articles like this come out in Germany because they love lecturing others and going "tsk tsk".

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