Thursday, April 28, 2016

Exams done

Well, I finished all my exams. I got an embarrassing A in micro, but an A+ in macro. Dunno about stats but that had damn well better be an A+.

No clue whatsoever about development economics - I don't think I had the slightest problem on that exam, but it was a written exam and I need a 93 for an A+ in that class.

But 2 As and 2A+es would give me a $1500 scholarship, which would be nice.

As for the market, it looks like gold miners are taking another leg up - dammit, Kinross is even beating the double-long ETF! Two touches of the EMA(10) probably means the next consolidation goes down to the Bollinger mean at least, but who knows?

And as for broad equities - dammit, isn't Royal Bank looking great. It's beating the S&P 500.

I might get back to regular posting soon, but frankly I haven't been arsed, what with the lack of news. I'll leave you with a funny quote from Polemic's Pains:

If the UK left the EU and joined Apple each household would be £6,000 better off.

I think this is a hint that Apple in in late-stage talks to buy out ASDA.

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