Tuesday, March 15, 2016

WHAT KIND OF BOSS DOESN'T LIKE TO PROMOTE WOMEN?: the answer is easier than you think!

Well, that was nice. I am pretty sure I got perfect on my macro test last night. It was just on the silly Williamson "intro to microfoundations" 2-period model with collateral constraints and interest spreads, but nevertheless it was a test I had to get perfect on to keep my A+ average.

I literally don't know where I could lose even a single mark. It's not that the test was easy: it took me about 40 minutes to finish, and I was writing fast. I bet half the class failed to complete the test.

So anyway, now Wednesday I have my "intro to statistical methods" test (I've got 100% in that class right now so I'm not worried), and then nothing til final exams.

Nothing much in the way of news, except this:

WaPo - what kind of boss doesn't like to promote women? Answer: a Republican boss. It's really that simple.

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