Thursday, March 3, 2016

Two thoughts on Trump

Instead of commentary on the market, which is in set-and-forget mode right now (except for miners, which inscrutably have broken out to new highs, go figger), here's two thoughts on Donald Trump.

1. Why the fuck should he have had any opinion on David Duke when he was being interviewed? Have you heard of David Duke? He's a fucking clown with a website somewhere. He's not even particularly competent at being a neo-Nazi. The only people who've heard of David Duke are AntiFa losers who live in squats and spend their spare time pamphleteering for veganism. Donald should have gone with his gut instinct when asked, and said "who's David Duke? Never heard of him."

Seriously, it's like asking William F. Buckley Jr. for his opinion of the guy from Duck Dynasty who people don't like.

The only clowns who are getting worked up over Trump's Duke thing are people who like attacking Trump anyway, and people who would never vote Republican to begin with. Seriously, I guarantee you half the "journalists" talking about this had to google Duke to figure out who he even was.

2. Ooh, so Romney blasted Trump, eh? Trump's responses put that to rest right away: "Romney is a two-time loser, who cares" and "oh look, it's the Washington establishment trying to fight back, isn't that cute". Really, what the fuck did Romney think he was going to accomplish? What an idiot.

Also, John Oliver should sue Romney for copyright infringement.

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