Thursday, March 24, 2016

The cynical response to market action

Polemic's Pains - what's next. Linked to without much comment, except that at least the guy usually has an interesting take and looks at markets that I don't. Plus:

Buyback blackout - Corporates are entering a period of buyback restrictions.

And that seems to be when the market usually pukes nowadays.

April - Tis the season to look at Europe. Greece should be causing stress by Brexit time in June, Brexit should be causing Brexit stress by any time now (I still see the Exit vote as higher than the 37% currently priced at the bookies so of course I’ve bought that price looking for a nailbiting just sub 50ish outcome).

Oh God, not Europe again!

Algos - Imagine you are a vast algorithmic trading fund and you have parsed the hell out of the last few CB minutes yet prices have stalled, momentum has faded to the upside and is starting to pick up on the downside in assets you use correlation matrices against. What is your model most likely to do on the European open?

Yup, robo momo. And:

Marc Faber - Someone told me he’s turned bullish.

OK, that's too far. That's like teasing the retarded. In fact it is.

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