Monday, March 14, 2016

Our Daniela also interviews PSDave's boycrush and Otto Rock

Here's Daniela, again with the blurple, and you think it's just a flannel shirt, which would be stylish enough in itself, but then you see it's actually a dress masquerading as a flannel shirt. Flattering, yet comfortable!

And what the heck is that on her wrist, an Apple iWatch? What next, Google Glass? A tumblr account? A column at Jezebel? What is she, a 20-something Youtube star?

Um, and btw she's interviewing the Cookie Monster, aka Otto Rock:

He thinks the precious metals have turned, and it's for real. And then Cookie bitch-slaps the silverbugs so well that he smacks the taste right out of their mouth, and don't you think I have to quote it in its entirety:

"I think the idea that silver isn't reacting tells me right now that the nutjobs and the wingnuts aren't really into the sector - they're all still at Trump rallies."

Wham! Well, I guess that's one good way to effectively manage the quality of your subscriber base. Now all we have to do is get Cookie to endorse Bernie Sanders.

And here she is with PSDave's boycrush, Rick Rule, also hinting at blurple with his ensemble, but a somewhat more manly and vibrant blurple, with no overtones, subtexts or multiple entendres whatsoever:

Rick says streamers are well-run, which means he's never met Nolan Watson or looked at a SAND chart. Perplexing. Perhaps we misheard him, and he was actually talking about a stream of urine?

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