Thursday, March 24, 2016

JUSTIN TRUDEAU KILLS WITH CUTENESS: you won't believe what happened next!

FT Alphaville - even icebitch Izzy Kamizzy is crushing on Justin now. Because this:

And y'know what? God he's destroying all of politics with stuff like this. And the fiscal stimulus.

Because politicians have spent the past 10-15 years redefining the norms of what a politician is supposed to look and act like, only to have young hunk Justin come along and destroy it.

Before Jr., all politicians were supposed to look and act like constipated serial rapists. I mean, look at Wolfgang:

He's serious, he's frowning, he's a busy man who wants this press conference to wind up quickly so he can get back to his basement where he's got Daniel Craig tied up and hanging from the ceiling. Then maybe he'll cut spending a bit more because the Greeks aren't crying enough.

Or Kasich:

He's serious, he's frowning, and he thinks you got a purty mouth, boy. After he's done with you, maybe he'll pass some more laws criminalizing Planned Parenthood.

Or Stephen Harper:

He's serious, he's frowning, and he promises that Ethiopia shall remain forever part of the glorious Italian empire. As part of that project, he promises to stripmine the other half of Alberta for dirt.

But now these old Nazi cunts have to compete with this:

Who the hell is going to vote for exterminating the poor and racial minorities while handing over more free money to the ultra-rich anymore, when they can vote for a handsome guy who wants to be kind to people?

Trudeau has destroyed politics. Long live the new flesh!

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