Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ford says there's no recession, fucktard

Ford's chart:

Ford skyrockets today on record auto sales, but the fact is it had already broken above its SMA(50) earlier, and since Ford is an automaker, and automaker stocks are harbingers of recession sentiment, I guess we can say that the market is done with 1950 and this "downward sloping SMA(50) resistance" bullshit for a while.

I wonder if there's something that's been bought heavily recently, y'know, as a downside protection or a diversification for recession, that can be shorted right now? Y'know, like maybe some company that produces some sort of yellow metal, or something? Especially if there's some sort of curse that happens at this time of year that tanks these sorts of stocks anyway? Y'know, like sort of this weekend?

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