Thursday, March 24, 2016

AND SO IT BEGINS: no, really it's just some news and stuff

Waiting out the ice storm right now, need to get to the store and buy food despite now having a bad lung infection. Then I really need to go to university this afternoon just for the stupid attendance marks, despite the whole illness and ice thing, because it's better going into an exam needing an 87 for an A+ than it is needing a 91 for an A+.

So with time to kill, here's some news:

FT - inflation stirs as Fed stands still. I guess someone should have mentioned that the end of the USD rise and the end of the oil fall would eliminate two headwinds pushing against inflation... cuz I did. It's not as good as demand-driven inflation, but we'll take it.

Bloomberg - Bullard makes case for April hike. And thus I guess now the US market needs to sell off in another hissy fit, right?

WSJ Moneybeat - and thus billions pile into long $VIX futures. Y'know, the $VIX futures market isn't big enough to handle a $3.5B inflow in one month. Literally, these clowns are driving the market up and down with their idiotic $VIX bets by warping the signal.

Calculated Risk - chemical activity barometer expands in March. And yet the real economy has none of that piddle smell you get from the market. Why?

Barrons - Japan may surprise with fiscal stimulus in late May. $88 billion is peanuts for a country the size of Japan, but I guess the robots will react positively. Well, there's a good upside risk for the spring.

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  1. sounds like you are past the chicken soup goodwill comment, so be well and may the examination gods smile upon you