Thursday, February 18, 2016

Speaking of which....

Speaking of which...

Man, I do save my best turns of phrase for my withering criticisms of Zerohedge. Like

But of course CNBC is nothing but Zionist American propaganda while Zerohedge gets all its news (and reputation) (and funding) from RT and the Russians.

You choose what's true! Because truth is something you can decide for yourself without bothering to check reality!


Dear god in heaven!

Oh wait....

Turns out that the Russkie propagandist Nazi queers at Zerohedge posted this on 16 July 2012.

What happened to the market since then, I wonder?

Oh... S&P's up nearly 50% since then, NASDAQ almost 60%.

With this one little fact, you should now realize how smart it'd be to fucking ignore Zerohedge and their little faggot Putin bumboy Albert Edwards forever more.


zerohedge - wharr evil Ukrainian fascists block aid convoy from glorious Russian motherland. Quote:

Wharr evil Ukrainian fascist genocidal forces wharrgarbl poor innocent starving Russian anti-fascist citizens yarr brave Putin glorious motherland who doesn't fund our website at all no

Please compare with:

BCC News - yeah no not really

and if you remember that whole Ebola collapse of 2014:


All I have to do is make sure that I don't touch anyone's blood, urine, saliva, stools or semen?

OK. I already do that now.

What? Do libertarians find it hard to get through the day without touching people's blood, urine, saliva, stools and semen? Cuz I mean it's not too hard, and I leave the house and touch stuff and everything.

So what's the worry, mister Economic von Collapsenstein?

where I also wrote

I mean, say you lived in some shithole ignorant country where nobody has any real education, everyone believes in witchcraft, everyone mistrusts scientists and prays to their little oogy-boogy voodoo spirits, people don't believe in medical care, people are so fixated on "liberty" that they let infected people loose to run around freely spreading the disease....

Um. Sorta like the United States now, except with more libertarianism.

and if you remember Russia's mass murder of 300 civilians on that Malaysian Airlines flight:

Zerohedge is offline right now.

Maybe the Russians' murder of 300 civilians on the Malaysia Airlines plane has made them feel guilty for having spent the past several years acting as paid shills for Vladimir Putin and Russia Today?

and, apparently when I first developed my hate-on for the FSB-funded neo-Nazi Russian kleptocrat-funded antisemitic race-war website:

And what does ZeroHedge have to say about this?

ZeroHedge - glorious Mother Russia will destroy Ukraine by limiting food imports.
ZeroHedge - our Soviet handlers announce that American adventurism in the Ukraine is contrary to Russian interests, duh.
ZeroHedge - the Ukrainian revolution is a foul plot funded by the IMF and international Jewry, says Mother Russia.
ZeroHedge - Ron Paul: "I support the glorious Russian motherland in its battle against American imperialism."

When your news website is nothing but a clearing house for Soviet propaganda, you've become a joke.

And yet some people still get their news from ZH.

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