Monday, February 29, 2016


Supposedly a crippling snowstorm is coming on Tuesday, and after that the pole of cold over Hudson Bay is going to get dragged down onto us in Ontario. But after that, next week's forecast is spring. Hooray!

Here's some news:

New Deal Demoncrat - weekly indicators. Tax withholding and Real M1 are major red flags, while the industrial side of the economy is turning positive.

Tim Duy the science guy - Fed doves still have the upper hand in March. I wonder if he read my post mocking him for piddling his panties over a 10% drop in the S&P? Cuz now he's even considering an accelerated tightening schedule!

Calculated Risk - 2016 hotel occupancy still on track for record year. OMG sell sell sell!

Gavyn Davies - global slowdown spreads to the EZ. Gavyn's piddling his panties because he's ignoring his own note that the EZ economy lags the US by a few months. Well, if it gets bad enough, maybe the ignorant German leadership will allow for some tiny smidgen of stimulus to keep the ravenous proletariat happy.

WSJ China Realtime - some Chinese takeaway (ha ha! see what I did there?) The funny bit is
More needs to be done, the communiqué said, to boost growth, including meeting a goal to boost global output by an additional 2% by 2018.
when paired with
Reinforcing economic growth is going to require “all policy tools–monetary, fiscal and structural–individually and collectively,” the group’s statement said. The prescription suggested a lack of unanimity over calls by the IMF and others for a coordinated surge in fiscal spending to make up for the flagging effectiveness of lower interest rates. The communiqué acknowledged that “monetary policy alone cannot lead to balanced growth.”
because you damn well know it means Schauble is still throwing a hissy fit about demands for fiscal expansion to counter a fall into a worldwide lost decade.I wonder if any of these clowns realize how significant fiscal expansion would be, after almost a decade of austerity?

WaPo - how the housing market exploits the poor. FFS, America! You sure are a third-world shithole, aren't you? Have you no shame?

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