Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Some Toosday noos, now with hunky Justin Trudeau photo

Back at school after reading week, things going fine. I'm probably going to stretch out my undergrad for an extra year so I can take the grad-prep theory seminars, plus one stats and one calc course each semester, so that I can be well situated for grad school, which apparently involves significantly more math.

After all, if I can keep up my borderline A/A+ average throughout undergrad, then the only thing that could possibly keep me out of a Ph.D. in econ is insufficient math skills. And math courses are the best thing you can take in university:

1) Nothing new has happened to math in decades, so you can use an older edition textbook that you get for free via torrent without being hurt in the slightest;
2)  you even have a choice of maybe a half dozen textbooks for each course, since all math courses are pretty much standardized;
3) studying is laughably easy: you just read the section the prof lectured on today, then do 30 odd-numbered questions to make sure you understand;
4) want more practice? get another textbook and do their odd-numbered questions too;
5) don't understand section 3.4's explanation of eigenvectors? Read a different textbook, it might be better;
6) because of all of the above, you really don't even have to go to a single lecture, as long as you do the homework and the online assignments and show up for the tests.

If you have no facility at math, you don't want to take uni math; then again, I really think you only do badly in math if you don't do the homework.

Anyway, those are the plans for now.

So here's some news:

CFA Institute - earnings calls' 4Q macro anecdotes. Advertising remains strong, gambling remains strong, e-commerce in China remains strong, and so on. Also remember that most of these CEOs' opinions are clouded by the fact they read zerohedge and are piddling themselves over the 20% hit to their investment accounts this year.

Simon Wren-Lewis - the austerity winds have changed. I've seen quite a bit of this myself from the mainstream (not lefty) polecon commentariat - there's a new realization that interest rates are at zero, government investment is actually necessary, investment at zero interest makes investment worthwhile, and P.S. Justin Trudeau is actually coming off as one hell of a lot smarter than neocon fuckwits like Osborne and Schauble. No, seriously, I do boil it all down to Trudeau: his dad was universally considered a world-shaker, and people see Jr. is fixing to follow in his footsteps. Don't underestimate image in politics: George Osborne will go down in the history books as just another flaccid micropenis, and he knows it, and it steams him.

P.S., many famous tumblr chixxx are turtally in lurve with that hunky Justin Trudeau. They see pictures like this:

the feminine of "fap" is apparently "paf", btw
and they just go moist. They are all calling him a hunk. Now, do you think that this doesn't inspire tremendous jealousy among other politicians? So could he single-handedly rescue the entire planet from the zero lower bound just by being a hunk? And, um, spending a few billion on highway and port upgrades?

Bonddad - a simple explanation of infrastructure investment so simple even a stupid jackass could understand it. Hale Stewart raises the bar for internet abuse. And yes, I spent over 10 years calculating 30-year NPVs of highway construction projects, and it does really work this way, at least until neocon politicians start waving around their flaccid micropenises.

BBC - India caste unrest: 10 million without water in Delhi. Just in case you were thinking of investing in India.

Brad DeLong - the melting away of N.Am. social democracy. I await anyone in economics, e.g. Brad DeLong, explicitly tying in the past 35 years of neocon policy with the present S/I disequilibrium and ZLB. Don't make me write a fucking thesis on this.

Reuters - Bush's bankster buddies transfer support en masse to Rubio. Y'know, in this primary season, both on the D side and the R side, bankster collaborators (see Hillary) have found their kleptocratic association to be a disadvantage. So I suspect this power transfer won't hurt The Donald all that much, frankly.

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