Saturday, February 13, 2016

Bourgeois dickhead opines on how the poor are different

WaPo - here's why poor people are fat.

Let me give it to you more simply.

If your grandparents were farmers or wage-labourers, they needed 4000-5000 calories a day just to avoid starving to death.

You don't get that many calories from eating fucking bunny-food. You get it from beer, cake and fried chicken.

So if you're descended from the working class, your grandparents likely taught your parents to eat that way, and your parents likely taught you to eat that way. That's why you appreciate a big fucking bucket of fried chicken, and why you don't consider a plate of fucking bunny food to be a real meal, unless you're descended from the bourgeois elite.

And if you're not putting in 70 hours a week at the factory like your dad did, you're not burning off those calories, and thus you get fat.

It's also likely, considering class mobility only started to be a thing after WWII, that if you're descended from farmers and peasants, you have a radically different genetic makeup that maximizes energy extraction from food. Because that would have made your ancestors less likely to starve to death.

As an example of what life was like for the proletariat a couple hundred years ago, Robert Fogel calculated that in 1780 the poorest 20% of adults in the UK were so badly malnourished that that they didn't even have the energy for one hour of manual labour per day: that is a magnitude of selection pressure that can radically change a genetic pool in just a thousand years.

So, if someone bitches at you for being fat, stand up for your class and give the fucker a punch in the face.

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  1. And if you were fat a few thousand years before that, a fucking saber tooth lion would have chased your fat ass down.

    Too bad for the human gene pool, no more natural selection but our own poor choices in diet, but we do not die of that before breeding.