Monday, January 4, 2016

Yet more newsiness

Some more reading for y'all.

Tim Duy - a look into 2016. No recession, no recession, no recession. At least if you look at the data. Especially interesting is that exports (and to a certain degree investment, which is probably also tied to exports) are the one drag on economic growth. So if you think the USD is done moving, and commodities have done collapsing, then you must be bullish the US economy, right?

The Krugginator - elections have consequences. K-dog at his partisan best:
Now, to be fair, some widely predicted consequences of Mr. Obama’s re-election — predicted by his opponents — didn’t happen. Gasoline prices didn’t soar. Stocks didn’t plunge. The economy didn’t collapse..., and the unemployment rate is a full point lower than the rate Mr. Romney promised to achieve by the end of 2016.
That's pretty darn impressive - not managing to outperform a Republican candidate's pie-in-the-sky promises, but rather K-dog still making fun of Romney (and thus also his lapdog Mankiw) three years after the election has passed. Sarcasm really is a dish best served cold!

WSJ China Realtime - China's stock market circuit breaker works. To be fair, this is the Chinese market. We should expect it to be silly. I mean, the Chinese still believe that mammal penises have magical healing properties. I wonder if they're still going to lift the six-month-old share-selling ban this Friday?

WaPo - what do you call a bunch of white guys with guns threatening to overthrow the government? Um... how about "terrorists"? Or, even better, how's about you don't call the "Oregon gunmen" anything, and instead just toss them a couple stun grenades, drag their piddle-soaked asses out of there, and throw them all in jail for 25 years for treason? Or is there no such thing as treason when the president is black?

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