Monday, January 11, 2016

What happened in October 2009?

What's so special about October 2009?

Details below the fold:

Oct 2009 was the last time someone could have bought B2Gold without having a loss on his books today.

My god Clive, you suck. Email me and we can get together and I'll happily let you take the first swing, guy, because you're still a fucking loser.

As for buying... it turned out that it wasn't a good buy when it fell through $2 in Nov 2014, and it also wasn't a good buy when it broke down through $1.45 in July 2016, so I wouldn't buy on this breakdown below $1 either.

One thing this market has taught me over the past 5 years is that it doesn't matter what production is or what the shelf prospectus is all about or what the options for funding Fekola are: a chart like this makes decisions simple.

UPDATE: Hello, President Ortega!

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