Monday, January 11, 2016

Ha ha, your bridge sucks

CBC - Nipigon River Bridge fails. And just like that, you can no longer drive across Canada.
Ontario heralded the opening of the westbound portion of new Nipigon River Bridge – the province's first cable-stayed bridge – in late November.
Wow, it didn't even make it through its first winter. I wonder who designed it?

Canadian Consulting Engineer - first cable-stayed bridge in Ontario starts construction. Quote:
The engineering design for the bridge is by McCormick Rankin Corporation of Mississauga, in conjunction with Buckland & Taylor of Vancouver, who have designed cable-stayed bridges around the world.

Bot Construction has the $106-million contract to build it and Hatch Mott MacDonald is doing construction contract administration services. The bridge will be built in two stages.
So was it McCormick Rankin who fucked up? If B&T "have designed cable-stayed bridges around the world", then it certainly wasn't their fuckup, and if MMMRC had to carry them as a sub it must mean that MMMRC have no clue how to design a cable-stayed bridge on their own.

I really hate the "we have zero relevant internal expertise but we can be the project managers and bring in subs to do the real work" scam. Partly because I was nearly the only relevant internal expertise at my company for years. There's an arrogance to upper management in engineering companies, which is dangerous when combined with a lack of shame when things fuck up.

Or did Bot cut corners on something, and Hatch signed off on it? Hatch doesn't seem to me like a company that countenances contractor bullshit, though I could be wrong.

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