Sunday, January 10, 2016

German outrage over refugee sexual assaults

In Europe presently, there's a lot of ink being spilled and electrons being destroyed over sexual assaults perpetrated by refugees at New Years' Eve.

Among the things to note:

1) It's nothing compared to the thousands of migrant women who've disappeared in the Balkans on the way to the west, or the thousands of others who've survived exploitation. But victimization of Auslanders doesn't seem to stir crowds into a march.

2) The story of sexual assault at New Years' would not have been a story if it were Germans doing the groping. Neither is it a story that the majority of refugees haven't been sexually assaulting anyone, and that every population has a criminal element.

3) Canada doesn't seem to have this problem with our immigrants, of which we take in hundreds of thousands every year. That's because we don't dump them in slums and forget about them like the Europeans: we integrate them.

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  1. The US, Canada and Australia only accept very few asylum seekers. These countries mostly accept immigrants who have academic degrees or are skilled workers. These immigrants are often easy to integrate.

    Sweden accepted 170 000 asylum seekers during 2015, which would correspond to Canada accepting 700 000 asylum seekers, from countries such as Syria, Somalia, Eritrea and Afghanistan.

    Europe definately has an integration problem and there is definately racism in a lot of countries. These problems would be much less if rich countries that are good at integration accepted more asylum seekers. I am thinking about the USA, Japan, Canada, Australia and the rich Gulf states. These countries do almost nothing. Why?