Monday, January 4, 2016

First post of 2016

So with exams done I've basically just been living my personal life, banking some sleep, and doing some reading for the upcoming semester, and that's why I haven't really been arsed to post what drivel has passed for news these past two weeks. If you've been paying attention then you already know that the market's gone nowhere in 2015, gold miners still suck, the Fed has begun raising rates, and Whitey has been on one of his crack-fueled market rages. So there's little for me to add.

As an aside, I've been thinking about splitting off the economics discussion to a separate blog, one that's perhaps more "presentable". We'll see. Frankly I'm still learning a load of undergrad econ (turns out that this semester's textbooks are actually written for adults), so I may as well keep all that econ crap here for at least another few months.

Speaking of which, my marks are good enough to earn me some wicked scholarships. Or at least they would have been wicked 20 years ago before academia's parasitic managerial class started jacking up tuition to pay for fancy buildings and inflated salaries: $2000 really would have helped a kid 20 years ago, but now it only pays for half a semester of classes taught by disinterested, underpaid sessionals.

Anyway, given the past 2 years' freaky winter GDP collapses due to statistical screwups, and the apparent expectation of earnings disappointments coming shortly, I doubt there'll be much action to have in the S&P for the next little bit.

As for gold miners, I'm already confident that the traditional January gold miner pop will, yet again, be misconstrued by the idiot goldbug brigade as the start of the new bull market. Until they get proven horrendously wrong yet again, of course. Because it doesn't matter if you're wrong 100 times in a row as long as you get 3 weeks to tout your temporary success at prediction #101.

Some actual news shortly, perhaps.

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