Thursday, December 3, 2015

OMG sell sell sell!

Here are some more of the cold, hard economic data points that coke-snorting hedge fund morons and equity "strategists" aren't paying attention to:

Calculated Risk - US light vehicle sales at all time high. OMG US light vehicle sales are at an all-time high! This is it! Assume crash position!

New Deal Demoncrat - the importance of record November vehicle sales. Quote:
If the global downturn were being imported into the US via the stronger $ with sufficient force to cause not just a more pronounced slowdown, but an outright contraction, it would show up in fewer vehicle purchases. We're simply not there.
OMG we're simply not there! Sell sell sell!

Calculated Risk - construction spending up 13% yoy. OMG construction spending is up! It's the top! Sell sell sell!

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