Monday, December 7, 2015

Nazism and economic depression

The Krugginator - economic factors and right-wing extremism. Quote:

A few years ago de Bromhead, Eichengreen, and O’Rourke looked at the determinants of right-wing extremism in the 1930s. They found that economic factors mattered a lot; specifically,
what mattered was not the current growth of the economy but cumulative growth or, more to the point, the depth of the cumulative recession. One year of contraction was not enough to significantly boost extremism, in other words, but a depression that persisted for years was.
How’s Europe doing on that basis?

Credit Maddison Project, Europa
And now the National Front has scored a first-place finish in regional elections, and will probably take a couple of regions in the second round. Economics isn’t the only factor; immigration, refugees, and terrorism play into the mix. But Europe’s underperformance is slowly eroding the legitimacy, not just of the European project, but of the open society itself.

But K-dog is far too polite to point out that the right-wing plutocrats in Europe have always been okay with Nazism. So don't expect any tut-tutting from the Davros VSPs: they want to enslave the world under the jackboot of totalitarianism.

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