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Monday, December 14, 2015

Ford Motor Co.


Yes yes, let's puke a stock that yields 5% and has worldwide market exposure.

A rational reason to puke this would be a fear that the US economy is about to collapse, a recession is nigh, and thus sell anything that manufactures durables.

A rational reason to believe a recession is nigh is not a belief that Janet wants to destroy America, or that she's incompetent, or that some high-yield fund invested exclusively in CCCs is going under.

A rational reason to believe a recession is nigh would be decelerating M1 and M2, a collapse in home purchase applications, a collapse in hiring, dwindling tax withholding, unserviceable consumer debt, or those other sorts of things that we're not seeing at all.

I think I should put in a stink bid for $11. Hey, someone made money last time, didn't they?

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