Saturday, December 12, 2015

First impression of Prime Minister Jr.

Well, it's been a couple months now, so I've kinda formed a first impression of Prime Minister Jr.; and I think it's safe to say that so far, he's shocking the hell out of all Canadians.

We've had a decade of a PM motivated entirely by an ideology of selfishness and viciousness, who really left no doubt in anyone's mind that he considered them personal enemies if they didn't march in lockstep.

But now we have a new PM who seems to be following the boring old-fashioned Clark-Trudeau era political ideal of "Canada is a nice country full of nice people who do nice things for people, because it's nice to be nice" - and we really don't know what to make of it. We're reconnecting to old ideals as if for the first time.

It's like eating chocolate after 10 years of bread and water, or a tropical vacation after 10 years in a Siberian death camp.

I'm sure his party will fuck it all up eventually - the old Martin-era mandarins are probably still lurking in the shadows, I don't expect Jr. to whip them all into line (though more power to him if he does beat the kleptocratic fuckers down) - but by the next election, I think the real question will be not whether Jr.'s party did a few bad things, but whether everyone will have forgotten the ten years of malignant hatred that preceded him.

Justin Trudeau's reminding people that the Canadian prime minister (and by extension, Canada) doesn't have to be a cunt. Good for him.

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