Monday, December 7, 2015

CNBC now selling gold

Just... wow. Woke up this morning, tuned in CNBC for my first morning smoke, and saw an ad for gold coins at 7:55 AM.

Either they're having a problem selling ads, or the whole world has gone turvy topsy.

Then again, gold coin ads should be par for the course whenever some Republitard clown like Joe Kernen is on TV.

Anyway, here's a bit of news:

New Deal Demoncrat - weekly indicators. Purchase applications, real estate loans, M1, M2 and tax withholding are all good. Commodities dumping is bad, but only for miners and oilmen - for the rest of the world it's great. Quit whining.

WSJ RTE - if USD goes down, will the US get inflation? I guess. USD has gone up too far too fast, and last week's breakdown shouldn't be something it recovers from.

Reuters - world's largest Hindu temple may move its gold to Modi's new program! Er mah gerd!:
But the Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple, popularly known as the Tirupati Temple that is believed to have been the abode of Lord Vekateswara for 5,000 years, may become the biggest contributor with more than 5.5 tonnes of gold.
Oh. Only 5.5 tons then? I was worried there for a minute.
Tirupati has already deposited most of its gold with banks under previous monetisation schemes that offer interest of about 1 percent, said D. Sambasiva Rao, executive officer of the trust that manages the temple.
Oh. So it was already dumped on the market years ago, then? OK, nevermind. I thought this was news.


  1. They're selling gold because it's now a total sucker's investment.

  2. I didn't know it was a secret...