Monday, November 9, 2015

Quick market comment

Dammit school is annoying. A micro test this afternoon, then a macro test on Thursday. And I have to really study for macro, because I'm still not really getting IS-LM theory.

But I also have to complete a Polisci essay by next week. And the way I do essays is by taking loads of notes, compiling them into a single huge file of 10000 words or so, and then attempting to order them to see if a thesis comes out. Which is very inefficient, but it's the way I do things, I'm a holistic thinker.

Anyway, I can't link to NDD's weekly indicators, because he fucked up his URL and it seems isn't working anyway. But here's a couple charts:

I was getting suspicious of VIX's action last week so I cashed out on a few positions. Seems now it wants to spend a bit of time above its EMA(10). I doubt we'll get another volatility spike like August's, and I'm sure the rest of the market is fearing that.

And with $VIX going up, $SPX decides to roll over. does it just go down to 2040? No reason to expect more doom than that, except we just touched RSI=70 and have now gone MACD down, and Wall Street Whitey would certainly love to take those two facts as a signal to piddle his frilly little pink panties again.

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