Friday, October 30, 2015

Some news

Got a test on Friday night for the love of god. Who sets tests on Friday nights?

Here's some news:

WSJ RTE - about 3rd quarter GDP. Basically, it was a slowdown due to inventory drawdown. Should be okay going forward.

New Deal Demoncrat - best 1.6 GDP report you'll ever see. There is still no indication in the leading indicators of any recession through Q3 2016.

Tim Duy - December still very much a live meeting. Frankly, I think it's fallacious and dangerous to suggest that the rest of the committee "schooled" Brainard. These are professionals, not corporate assholes. Once Tim Duy starts being a whiny pussy you can throw all chance of sensible investing out the window.

WSJ RTE - what US growth looks like without right-wing spending cuts. The US would have been growing a lot faster all this time if it were not for the idiots on the right wing. - Frank Callaghan admits misleading investors. Wow! A $30,000 fine! Gee, BCSC, that sure is going to dissuade future bad behaviour in the Venture exchange!

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