Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Oh, and about gold as a harbinger of doom....

In case you're surfing the internet reading a bunch of white-ass honky cracker clowns blathering on about how we can read the present strength in the gold price as a harbinger of worldwide economic doom and investor fear....

Please remember that Dhanteras and Diwali are coming up over the next several weeks, and Indians buy 1000 tons of gold a year.

White-ass honkies don't buy any gold. At best they buy little bits of paper which they generally puke back into the market a month later.


  1. The problem is that gold imports into India have really dropped off recently, so I read. That worries me. Still, I like gold here. It is showing many signs of strength.

    1. Yeah, you've read that crappy Reuters article too? The upshot being that jewellers imported too much gold this summer and are now dumping it at a discount to spot because they're faced with lackluster demand?

      Ignore anything from Reuters. I've seen too many of their anti-gold articles come out right before, during, or right after major dumps in the gold price. I'm sure the Indian journalist getting paid $500/month by Reuters will happily seed the odd bit of manufactured bad news from a gold trader for, say, $1000.

  2. Hey white ass honky cracker, you only put 2 o's in dooom!