Thursday, October 8, 2015

Not economic news

So I have my macro test this afternoon, so I'm studying instead of feeding you news stories.

My stats prof put up the answers to our stats test today, and I just now fired off an email to him correcting his mistake on one question.


You have a statement "C or not (D and S)" and have to state it as a sentence. C is the set of all colour movies, D is the set of all dramas, and S is the set of all Spielberg movies.

He said the statement should be read as "colour movies, or not Spielberg dramas".

But that's wrong, because "not Spielberg dramas" implicitly includes the entirety of all non-colour movies that aren't Spielberg dramas. Thus, C becomes a don't-care condition, and the simplified statement really is "anything but a Spielberg drama".

I knew this cos I took Boolean in college. Problem here in university is that the only Boolean they taught was DeMorgan's Laws, and that's not even the start of Boolean logic.

Hopefully he gives me bonus marks for correcting him. :-)


  1. Isn't Schindlers list a BW movie?

    1. Yes, and that doesn't change anything. It is still located within SD, just not in C.

      The point is there are black and white movies that are not colour, not Spielberg and not dramas.