Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Discrimination against women still legal in 90% of countries, says World Bank

WSJ RTE - in 18 nations, women cannot get a job without their husband's permission. Strangely, one of them is Bolivia. Lotta muslims in Bolivia I guess. Quote:

Out of 173 economies surveyed, all but 18 of them have some form of legal discrimination against women, according to the World Bank’s latest biennial report on Women, Business and the Law.


In 18 economies, the law is gender-blind: Armenia, Canada, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kosovo, Malta, Mexico, Namibia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Puerto Rico, Serbia, Slovak Republic, South Africa, Spain and Taiwan.

Ha ha, USA! You suck! Even Namibia is more egalitarian than you!

Wait, why is the USA not on that list?

The U.S. falls short as part of a small group that doesn’t offer paid maternity leave for new mothers. Only three other countries don’t offer paid maternity or parental leave: Tonga, Suriname and Papua New Guinea.

Ah. American bosses are skinflint fascist pigs is why. They're so fucking cheap, and hate women so much, that their country's only three equals are (1) a sparsely populated backwater archipelago, (2) a former Dutch slave colony, and (3) an island whose majority still lives in the Neolithic.

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