Wednesday, September 23, 2015

BILLY BISHOP'S BACK! Here's what you need to know

Sinocism - hi, I'm finally posting again. He's moved to Washington and finally restarted his blog, so our #1 news source for intelligent China commentary is finally back. Quote:

We missed a lot, from the popping of the stock market bubble and the RMB revaluation to the now widespread belief that China’s policymakers are far less competent than assumed. I do not remember sentiment towards the leadership and the economy ever being this bearish in the ten years I lived in Beijing. I do think the negativity is a bit overdone but clearly the challenges are massive and something has broken in the policymaking process.

Perhaps Xi does not actually have the bandwidth to be in charge of everything, and/or perhaps renewed study of dialectical materialism, creation of an atmosphere of paralyzing uncertainty and a campaign of de-Westernization are not conducive to managing a modern economy? Or, as some of the more bearish argue, the place is such a mess that there is nothing they can do in the short-term?

Yeah, or alternately, perhaps white-ass honky cracker hedge fund dolts and their puppets in the lamestream media don't know the first damn thing about China and you should simply ignore them from now on?

I've been using a "China Doom 201X" tag on this blog for the past four years, y'know.

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