Saturday, September 19, 2015

Another example of the pervasiveness of German corruption

Oh yeah, the Germans are so honourable! They are so honest! It's only the swarthy Mediterraneans who have criminals, thieves, and corrupt businessmen! Only the Germans are pure enough to lead Europe! If only those evil, lazy Spaniards and Greeks could just try to be more German....

Oh, wait:

NY Times - Volkswagen purposefully programs their cars to cheat on diesel emissions. This is precious:

The Environmental Protection Agency accused the German automaker of using software to detect when the car is undergoing its periodic state emissions testing. Only during such tests are the cars’ full emissions control systems turned on. During normal driving situations, the controls are turned off, allowing the cars to spew as much as 40 times as much pollution as allowed under the Clean Air Act, the E.P.A. said.

So basically, their cars only limit emissions when they know they are being emissions-tested.

The recall involves 4-cylinder Volkswagen and Audi vehicles from model years 2009-15.

And they've been doing this for 7 years now.

A spokeswoman for Volkswagen confirmed that the company had received the notice and said the automaker was cooperating with the investigation. She declined to comment further on the case.

And they don't even have the honour to admit to their criminal activity.

The software was designed to conceal the cars’ emission of the pollutant nitrogen oxide, which contributes to the creation of ozone and smog. The pollutants are linked to a range of health problems, including asthma attacks, other respiratory diseases and premature death.

Oh, Germans! What is it about you and murdering people with noxious gases? You did it in WWI, then you did it even more in WWII: when are you going to stop? I mean, don't you think this is starting to earn you a bad reputation?

Friday’s notice of violation was the Obama administration’s “opening salvo” in the Volkswagen case, said Thomas Reynolds, an E.P.A. spokesman. The Justice Department’s investigation could ultimately result in fines or penalties for the company. Under the terms of the Clean Air Act, the Justice Department could impose fines of as much as $37,500 for each recalled vehicle, for a possible total penalty of as much as $18 billion.

Since the defeat device results in the issuing of false pollution information in order to fraudulently meet a regulatory requirement, can't we perhaps also charge them with 500,000 counts of fraud and racketeering? Or is that sort of punishment reserved for the swarthy races?

“This is several steps beyond the violations that we’ve seen from other auto companies,” said Tyson Slocum, director of the energy program at Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy group. “They appear to have designed a system with the intention to mislead consumers and the government. If that’s proven true, it’s remarkable and outrageous. It would merit a heck of a lot more than just a recall and a fine. We would see criminal prosecution.”

Yeah well don't hold your breath buddy. Um... unless you're near Germans of course, in which case yeah do hold your breath buddy.

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