Wednesday, September 23, 2015

5.6 million fingerprints stolen

Yahoo - China just stole 5.6 million fingerprints. Quote:

The Obama administration says the fingerprints of 5.6 million people who applied for or received a federal security clearance were stolen — not 1.1 million as first believed.

That sobering news comes from the Office of Personnel Management, the federal personnel agency whose data was hacked in what officials believe was a Chinese espionage operation.

An estimated 21.5 million current and former federal employees or job applicants were affected in a data theft that experts say will give Chinese intelligence a huge leg up in recruiting informants.

You can damn well bet I'm sending this article to my company's "privacy officer", along with a letter along the lines of "this is why I told the PM to go fuck himself when he demanded I apply for US security clearance to design fucking roadway lighting for a residential street beside a fucking duty-free plaza".

I'll then add "maybe the project managers shouldn't demand fucking security clearance for every single fucking project team member listed in the RFP whenever we work on a stupid fucking US-Canada border project, considering the Chinese secret police now have all your employees' fingerprints."

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