Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Some goldbuggery

I'm sure this one-day pop in the junior miners has got you thirsty for some Kool-Aid, so here's some goldbuggery for you:

Seeking Alpha - Goldman Sachs takes delivery of 3.2 tons of physical gold! Hey, Jeffy Currie! Apparently your bosses didn't believe your silly $1000 gold call! Cos they bought 3.2 tons of physical gold!

Seeking Alpha - demand for physical Comex delivery doubles in August! Because white-ass honkies are more important than the one billion Indian peasants who buy 1000 tons a year! Apparently!

USA Watchdog TM - gold backwardation the likes of which have never been seen! It has never been seen the likes of before in monetary history! Buy gold now!


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