Monday, August 24, 2015

Oh hi Sean

The Chronicles of Brodrick - how much lower can $SPX go? Quote:
Here is a chart showing corrections since the big one in 2008. The last correction was 10%. There was a panic at the time. Do you even remember it? It was the "Ebola Is Going to Kill America" scare.
Hi Sean, thanks for mentioning my blog. I await my royalty cheque.

EDIT: Yes of course I like Sean Brodrick's blog. At least he's sensible and responsible, unlike absolutely every single other blogging clown out there.

No, I don't really need a link, Sean, I was just teasing. Your readers would find me offensive anyway.


  1. Now that you mention it, you did say Ebola Exterminates America was the reason for the last pullback, and you said it before I did (you'll also find it mentioned at Valuewalk). Do you want a link? I get the feeling you don't really like my blog.

    1. Oh for the love of God what's with the negativity. OF COURSE I LIKE YOUR BLOG. At least you come across as sensible and responsible with clients' money, unlike pretty much everyone else out there.

      The only thing I ever mocked you for was your buy call on whoever was that little silver company who staked the other company's lapsed territory. Whatever happened to them btw.

  2. You mean Rye Patch Gold? It's still chugging along, and embroiled in a new lawsuit (another one!) with Coeur Mining over a smelter royalty. I think Rye Patch is run by smart people -- when metals prices get some traction again, keep your eye on them. And you know what the old miners say: "It's not really a discovery until there's a lawsuit."
    I'm glad you like the blog. I find yours informative and very entertaining. I especially like the music video links. Your news links and commentary links are also very good.