Thursday, August 13, 2015

oh Australia you're so funny

The news in Australia:


  1. Oh Australia? No... Oh Canada, I just found out your prime minister is a fuckwit whose been in power for 9 FUCKING YEARS!!?! Yeah, sorry I haven't paid any attention to Canada since like, the 1970's. Sorry. Really. Honest. Are there still separatists in Quebec whom we predict will have their own country by 1990 or so?

    Anyhow, I thought Canucks were those peaceful folk to the north who gave us surplus mosquitos and SCTV. Reading this here blog written by a Canadian (cough) would lead one to think that only the evil USA empire is honeycombed with whackaloons and fools and white folks who apparently are bad because of their skin color, but then I read this - And also I found out that Canada is WHITER THAN WE ARE, DAMMIT!!

    What gives?

    1. The Conservatives got into power because of Alberta, which is an American state unjustly enslaved by eastern socialists. Oh and also the rural farm folk in Ontario, which are about as evolved as the idiots you guys have in your own rural heartland.

    2. If Alberta were part of America we'd have annexed it by now. Come to think of it, we ought to just annex all of Canada. How would you feel about being led by Donald Trump? Kinda makes your current guy almost look palatable!

    3. Trust me, Alberta's spent the last 30 years trying to be annexed by the US.

      I think the problem is your country doesn't like all the racial minorities living there. Plus all the socialists in their little enclave in Edmonton. Plus Albertans aren't sufficiently religiously psychotic.