Monday, August 24, 2015

Market has begun reacting sensibly

Here's some perspective on the silliness of this morning, and yes I'm still using 4SD Bollinger bands:

Who the fuck dumps Apple at $92.50? They invented selling mp3s and thus wiped out the record store business. You nuts? Damn well yeah you better buy it back into the green, bitch.

Who the fuck dumps Ford at $10.50? There's no recession. Ford is still selling F150s. Damn well yeah you better buy it back to $13.19, bitch.

Who the fuck dumps GE down below $20? OK fine, GE's stock has sucked forever, but who the fuck pukes GE at a price it last saw years ago? They invented electricity (well... okay really it was Nikola Tesla but whatever) and they're the only game in town for most everything that eats electrons. Seriously. I work in electrical engineering and GE makes more money off our projects than I do. Did you really have to puke the past 3 years of gains into an empty book at 9:30:00.01 AM?

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