Monday, August 31, 2015

Interesting idea for an economics grad thesis

I dunno if they'd let you do this as an undergrad, or if you'd have to be a grad student, but I just realized it would be very interesting to look at the economic problems caused by the European single currency area (which patently doesn't work) and how it would change if there actually was completely free movement of workers through the EZ.

Because I'm really into the idea of taking on the kleptocrats' assertion that corporations should be allowed to move through countries at will in search of the most favourable tax regime, while workers even within the ECU are essentially kept in nation-sized concentration camps unable to travel legally to seek higher-paid work elsewhere.

Yeah, I know: allowing free movement of workers would mean fifty million Bulgarians, Yugoslavs, Albanians, Greeks and Spanish showing up in Germany that week all looking for jobs.

But considering the German economy is driving the ECU into constant imbalance, then maybe free movement of labour is the libertarian market mechanism that would cure the problem? High immigration would definitely solve the problem of the demographic cliff facing Germany, where (from what I've seen) the women are so god-damn ugly that it's no wonder there ain't no children being born there.*

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