Sunday, July 5, 2015

Greece referendum nailbiter (updated)

UPDATE: Apparently Greece voted No. Good, now I can do my homework.

So apparently the polls are closed and they're counting votes. Whatever the result, I am confident that the bullshit drama will continue on for months on end. Maybe years. Because it's Europe and the European plutocracy are nothing but a parasitic class of inbred buffoons with zero management ability.

Nevertheless, I've seen a few real pussy quotes come out in the past few hours, and they suggest the possibility of an interesting story developing:

BBC - polls close in bailout referendum. Quote:
French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron said negotiations should continue even in the case of a win for the "No" vote, and that Europe could not "crush an entire people".
Probably not nice to call him a pussy in particular. But it is significant that France, Germany's enabler girlfriend, is suddenly talking about being all reasonable and conciliatory.

Especially since it's been reported that Merkel's going to visit her enabler girlfriend Hollande on Monday afternoon.

And then this:
Meanwhile, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, one of Greece's harshest critics, suggested that if Greece were to leave the eurozone, it might only be temporary.

Greece was a member of the eurozone, "whether with the euro or temporarily without it - only the Greeks can answer this question," he told the German newspaper Bild on Saturday. "And it is clear that we will not leave the people in the lurch."
Dammit, that's interesting. Given Schauble has been a hardliner all this time, and there have been articles run recently about how he secretly considers himself the true king of Germany with Merkel as mere puppet, I'd have to wonder if Merkel is going to do a DolchstoƟ on Monday and command her EZ/ECB/IMF lackeys to resume negotiations with Greece - using fiscal expansionism and debt restructuring as a new basis for a Syriza-acceptable solution per the considered opinion of real economists, including the saboteurs/traitors at the IMF who leaked the Greek debt unsustainability document to the press last week.

Because if she does soften her stance and turn constructive, she'll make Schauble lose face for good. And her fellow-traveller cryptonazis from the Bavarian CSU, the ones who are always ready to supply a racist opinion to Bild, would also lose face. Especially if the Monday upshot of a clear "no" vote is a 10-20% crash in the European stock market.

And maybe Schauble knows this. So he's decided to try walking back his arrogance before all the votes are counted.

So with a Greek "no" vote, maybe Merkel comes out ahead?

I dunno. What's more sensible for her? Should she rather want to be remembered as the dumb bitch who proved the impermanence of the ECU, caused a national crisis in Greece, and ended up launching a successful Greek economy on the drachma while losing the IMF and EU €300 billion?

Well, it'll be interesting to watch, but it's still of little importance to my portfolio: I wasn't buying Europe to begin with, and this will have little negative effect on the US economy unless Merkel decides to be really buttfuck stupid and destroy the whole EU. Again, I doubt she wants that in her legacy.

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