Saturday, June 6, 2015

Some weekend insightful market commentary

Here's some insightful market commentary, so you can compare it to Mila Kunis pics:

Calculated Risk - May unemployment report. It was a great number, so quit piddling your panties and reading Zerohedge doomers.

New Deal Demoncrat - more on the May jobs report. Quote:
This was an almost perfect report. Almost everything moved, significanlty, in the right direction. About the only negatives were an increase in part time for economic reasons employment, and a slight increase in the unemployment rate, but that was due to an increase of people entering the workforce.
So just buy the damn QQQ and quit piddling yourself.

Calculated Risk - comments and graphs. Note, btw, that the Fed jumping to raise rates at a sign of wage growth means they're going to hold wages down to CPI or lower. That sort of Fed policy explicitly keeps working people poor.

Meanwhile, letting inflation go up will mean that rich people who derive income from capital gains and interest income will see more of their after-tax wealth lost to inflation. So a low-inflation target benefits the rich at the expense of workers.

John Quiggin - profit and public health. Another example of rent-seeking.

Noah Smith - economic arguments as stalking horses. Of course the right wing is against Keynesianism - it helps the poor! How can we enslave the proletariat when they still have education and health care?

Progressive Economics - in Canada, an election recession. That's a great market call there, Brodrick! How much better do you think the TSX will do once Mulcair is the new PM?

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