Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Some news, now with more swearing

I got my first pair of bifocals today, and boy am I ornery. Now go read this news while I go out and yell at a cloud:

WSJ RTE - job openings rise to highest on record. Hey, WSJ? This article doesn't agree with your article on how the "business roundtable" clowns say they don't want to hire anyone. Maybe one of these two articles is fact, and the other one is right-wing propaganda? You might wanna look into that.

Calculated Risk - on the labour force participation rate. Quote:
Every month, with the release of the employment report, we see commentary that says "the labor force participation rate is at or near a 30 year low". Duh! That was expected based on demographics and is not worth reading (Note: the participation rate might move sideways for a couple of years, but is projected to decline for another decade or more).
So quit your worrying.

WSJ RTE - global economic news coverage starting to mention inflation again. That's good, maybe we can see gold go up now?

Calculated Risk - NFIB small biz optimism index increased in May. Well, if the Business Roundtable CEOs are actually cutting back on investment and hiring, and not just bitching about having the Democrats in power, then I guess the small businesses can march in and steal all their market share.

WSJ RTE - upbeat small business owners say sales are picking up. Again, WSJ, you fucking clowns are contradicting your own articles.

New Deal Demoncrat - the pied piper of doom is still an idiot. Hey NDD, it just so happens that Wolf Richter, that "some guy on the west coast", regularly gets his ignorant drivel reprinted at Business Insider. So don't go thinking BI is anything more than the journalistic equivalent of a stream of piss.

Economic Policy Institute - young black grads face how much unemployment now? Quote:
As shown in the charts below, 23.0 percent of young black college graduates are currently underemployed, compared with 22.4 percent of young Hispanic college grads and 12.9 percent of white college grads.
And that's with the US at or near supposed "full employment" or "NAIRU". So obviously there is a nontrivial, mathematically significant portion of the remaining "structural unemployment" that can be attributed directly to racism. I eagerly await the first time I hear any fucking university professor admitting this.

Econospeak - you know who else had a German name and talked about exterminating people? For those of you who take Ludwig von Mises seriously, here's a little quote:
The vain arrogance of the literati and Bohemian artists dismisses the activities of the businessmen as unintellectual moneymaking. The truth is that the entrepreneurs and promoters display more intellectual faculties and intuition than the average writer and painter. The inferiority of many self-styled intellectuals manifests itself precisely in the fact that they fail to recognize what capacity and reasoning power are required to operate successfully a business enterprise.

The emergence of a numerous class of such frivolous intellectuals is one of the least welcome phenomena of the age of modern capitalism. Their obtrusive stir repels discriminating people. They are a nuisance. It would not directly harm anybody if something would be done to curb their bustle or, even better, to wipe out entirely their cliques and coteries.
Now I see why he and Ayn Rand got along so well - he was as much a malignant narcissist as she was.

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