Thursday, June 18, 2015

Short note on gold

More later, but I'd like to note at this moment that gold and silver have both popped above their short-term EMAs:

And I'd like to note that this happened after much internetwise bloviating about how gold was going down from here because blah blah summer doldrums and blah blah White people are short, when really it's the White people who don't understand that the gold price depends on India and not White people. Cracker.

So now they'll all say gold and silver went up because blah blah US dollar. You have been warned.

Meanwhile, as for all you Whiteys piddling your frilly little pink panties about gold, because blah blah US interest rate increase and blah blah resources secular bear, I have some Skymet stories for you:

Skymet - easy makeup tips for monsoon.

Skymet - six important yoga poses for a healthier you this monsoon.

Because this is the only way to get you little girls to pay attention to the world's most important driver of gold demand.

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