Sunday, June 14, 2015

More on Glenn Greenwald on Snowden's "blood on his hands"

The Intercept - oh look, the US is smearing Snowden again. The story has been planted that the Russians and Chinese "decrypted" Snowden's files, and this has put US agents at risk.

Two observations from me:

1. Read the book: Snowden only downloaded a pile of files that were already available to thousands of Americans to begin with. That means the Russians or Chinese already got their agents to steal them years ago from the US. The news wasn't that he downloaded those files: the news was that he made their contents available to the livestock the concentration camp prisoners the citizenry.

2. I in fact said exactly this when I was listening to the story being uncritically repeated on the fucking CBC radio news this morning at 7AM. Good for you, CBC! You just got your own asses punked by the military-fascist complex, and now I know I can no longer trust you either.

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